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Rain showers, they are available with capacities from approx. 9 to 27.5 l/min. It will be clear that one meets your need for relaxation and refreshment more than the other. But what you want in any case is a full shower jet under all circumstances, just lots of warm water.

But imagine... you are fully enjoying your rain shower and a lot of water is suddenly taken elsewhere in the house. There goes your full shower jet, there goes your pleasure.

Fortunately, you can now prevent that. Even if you are only 2 people in a household and therefore do not use a lot of water in total. With a 10L HighFlow water softener you can soften a lot of water at the same time and in an economically responsible way. Without having to install a system that is too large with overcapacity that you never actually use.

A system with overcapacity, not just a shame because you pay for capacity that you don't need. But also because such a system uses a lot of salt and rinse water. And, in the long run, this also does not benefit the life of the softening resin. Due to the overcapacity, the maximum softening capacity will not be used often, the regeneration interval will be too long, which in turn affects the activity of the softening resin.


    - Operating system: Fleck 5800 SXT, computer controlled: 5 cycles
    - Flow capacity / flow rate: up to 40 ltr./min. soft water
    - Large internal riser
    - Volume-controlled regeneration: only regenerates when necessary, so economical in water consumption    and salt use
    - Filter method: Resin filter / ion exchange, 10 ltr. resin core
    - Exchange (softening) capacity: 28,000 ltr/dH, at 8 °dH 3,500 liters of softened water per regeneration
    - Regeneration interval in a 3-person household approx. every 7 to 8 days at 10 °dH
    - salt consumption per regeneration approx. 1.8 kg
    - Bypass valve stainless steel, for easy maintenance and diversion of water, for example for garden irrigation
    - Adapter 240/24V
    - In the event of a power failure, the unit will retain the data for another 48 hours
    - Double overcurrent protection
    - System dimensions: 76 x 37 x 48 cm (HxWxD)
    - Integrated salt tank: 35 L
    - Easy to install, connection: 1” thread.
    - Applicable at water pressure: 1.4 – 8.5 Bar
    - Allowable maximum water temperature: 40º C
    - Comes pre-programmed
    - Clear Dutch manual available
    - Water hardness drop test are included

3 year manufacturer's warranty on Fleck 5800 SXT control unit.

The economic and technical lifespan is well above 15 years.



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