Water softener StandAlone 8L

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Does your softener need to be in the meter cupboard, in the crawl space? Often a difficult issue. Space is limited, the accessibility of the brine tank is difficult. For those situations we now have the solution: the StandAlone 8L.Fles_in_kast_Crop

The resin cylinder with control head has only a dimension of 22 cm diameter and 65 cm. height. The brine tank, you can safely put it in another, more accessible place. Just a matter of a slightly longer tube. And also that brine tank, which also occupies only a small space.

You can also place them above each other.Fles_in_kast_Crop
The StandAlone 8L

The ideal water softener for a household up to 3 people. 
easy to place when space is limited. Ideal for an apartment.

Capacity softened water up to 28 l./min. at peak load. 
Reliable Fleck 5600SXT computer-controlled control unit for even
 more user comfort and no worries for years.

    Operating system: Fleck 5600 SXT, 
    computer controlled: 5 cycles
    Volume controlled regeneration: only when necessary
    Filter method: resin filter / ion exchange, 8 ltr. resin core
    Stainless steel Bypass valve
    Adapter 240 / 24V
    48 hrs. memory capacity in case of power failure
    Double overcurrent protection
    Flow capacity: approx. 22 l./min. continuously
    Exchange capacity: 22,400 ° dH; at 8 ° dH approx. 2,800 l per regeneration
    Salt container content: standard 20 KG / 35 L
    System dimensions: high 65 x 22 cm diameter
    Dimensions of brine tank: (hxwxd): 44 high x 31 x 31 cm / 35L capacity
    Easy to install, connection: 1 "wire.
    Applicable for water pressure: 1.4 - 8.5 Bar
    Permissible maximum water temperature: 43 ° C
    Is delivered pre-programmed to your local situation
    Water hardness drop measuring set supplied free of charge
    Dutch manual included.


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