Privacy policy


Privacy and security
Your personal information. You leave them with us, because you have to if you want to order something. 
But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal data and what we do with it. 
We are happy to tell you that here. If you still have questions after reading this, 
please let us know via our customer service.

Very safe
We put all the information you leave behind with us very safely under lock and key using the most modern techniques. 
Anyone who has nothing to do with your data simply cannot access it. 
If we give your data to someone else 
– you can read below why and when we do that 
– then we require that other person to handle your data just as carefully as we do and only use it for the purpose for which he received it. 
If you feel that this is not happening, please let us know via our customer service.

Deliver your order
For your order we need your name, e-mail address, address(es) and sometimes your telephone number. 
This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. 
We also give your data to others if this is necessary for an order, 
for example to delivery services and suppliers

Your account
In your account on we store, among other things, the following information: 
your name, address(es), telephone number, e-mail address, delivery details. Handy, 
because then you don't have to enter this data every time. 
We also store information about your previous orders so that you can easily find them.

You can sign up for our newsletter. This way you stay informed of our offers, promotions and our news. 
This one comes once a month. 
If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us, 
you can unsubscribe here. Simple right?

Business customers
We also store contact details of our business customers. 
If it is personal data, we treat this data just like that of our other customers.

What do we not do with your data?
Sell ​​your data to others

Add cookies?
On this website, anonymous data is collected and stored for marketing and optimization using etracker GmbH technology ( 
All visitor data is stored under an anonymous user ID to build a total profile of users.
 Cookies may be used to collect and store this data, but the data cannot be traced back to you personally. 
The data is not used to establish the identity of visitors. The data is also not linked to personal data. 
You can refuse the future collection and storage of data at any time.