Bosch EasyControl Single White/Black EU 7736701341


Bosch EasyControl Single White/Black EU 7736701341

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Mounting and connecting the EasyControl is much easier than you might think. 
In just a few simple steps, the touch screen is ready-to-use and perfectly attached to the wall. 
Even the thermostat setting is quick and easy. 
The integrated installation wizard supports you and guides you through the various steps easily.

See for yourself: step-by-step editing video

The EasyControl is compatible with EMS 1.0 and EMS 2.0 devices from the Bosch, Nefit, Worcester, elm Leblanc, Vulcano and Buderus brands.

With an extra EasyControl Adapter the EasyControl is also compatible with devices that use the OpenTherm protocol, iRT protocol (Nefit EcomLine and Nefit Economy) and with devices with an On / Off interface (between 18-230 VAC).


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Nefit Easy Control adapter Nefit Easy Control adapter
for opentherm
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